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Aarhus has been a Music City for decades with its position as one of the most important cities for producing and creating talent to the Danish music scene.

Music has always been an important part of the city’s cultural DNA, and there’s a long tradition of a well-renowned, varied and often trend-setting music scene. That scene is often rooted in a wide range of platforms around the city – from the Royal Academy of Music to alternative underground clubs. Countless bands originate from the city’s strong musical environment and heritage, representing music in all varieties and genres. Furthermore, the city has a 1,8 bill. DKK music industry, a string of high-class venues and festivals, high-level educational platforms and, a music community platform and last, but not least, music is an important part of the city’s cultural policy.



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Featured events

Northside Festival
Spot Festival
Aarhus Festival Week
Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture
Green Concerts
Aarhus Jazz Festival
SPOR Festival
RECession Festival


Promus – The Music Community of Aarhus/Music City Aarhus
ROSA – Danish Rock Council
DMF/Aarhus – Musicians Union

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