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Music has long played a significant role in Sydney’s cultural life. Since the burgeoning pop and rock scene of the 1950s, Sydney’s music industry and community has produced many nationally and internationally recognised artists. Today Sydney is home to much of Australia’s commercial industry, augmented by the constant hum of its grassroots music communities and locally focused industry.

Sydney is in a period of significant growth. This growth, paired with increasing recognition of the economic and social importance of music, has brought a new level of focus on the needs of musicians and industry. In response, industry associations have become increasingly vocal about the needs of their communities and numerous government agencies across multiple levels have developed industry strategies.

Most recently, the NSW Government convened a roundtable of community, industry and government to examine challenges and opportunities for developing a safe, strong and vibrant night-time economy in Sydney. The Roundtable presented its action plan to the NSW Government proposing actions to make it easier for venues to host live music and performance, encourage a more diverse night-time economy, develop better regulation and improve wayfinding, transport access and safety.

The NSW Government is expected to respond to the action plan by the end of 2016, and will work together with partners to develop a safe and vibrant night-time economy in Sydney.



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