MCN Members Covid-19 Responses


MCN Members Covid-19 Responses



To further strengthen the visibility of our Member Cities, what it means to be a music city, and how actively our Members are shaping the current now and the upcoming future, we have established this section on our website, dedicated to the tangible measures taken by the cities to respond to the various impacts the Covid-19-Pandemic has on the respective music ecosystem. 

Get an insight at funding schemes, conducted studies, or policy measures taken by the MCN Member Cities to foster the exchange and learn from each other. This will help to create an environment of inspiration for the steps the lie ahead to further support our music scenes and the corresponding projects that need to be developed. Let’s shape the future together. 

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Name of Action Kind Fokus City Short Description
Fund for adepting to 1,5 meter society Funding regional Groningen With a grant, the province of Groningen supports small
entrepreneurs, cultural and social institutions
that have adapted their business to work in the
one and a half metre economy.
TOZO Funding national Groningen The Temporary Bridging Scheme for
Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (Tozo)
is one of the measures of the cabinet to
support entrepreneurs during the corona crisis.
The scheme is for self-employed entrepreneurs,
including self-employed persons.
NOW Funding national Groningen The Temporary Emergency Bridge Employment (NOW)
measure provides for an
allowance in labour costs for companies that,
as a result of the corona crisis, have at
least 20% less turnover between the beginning of June
and the end of September 2020. From 6 July
the NOW 2.0, with renewed conditions, can be tendered.
Co-financing for the national scheme
for additional support for the
cultural and creative sector
Funding national Groningen We propose to deploy a support package for the
cultural sector: support for the vital regional infrastructure
(SPOT, Forum Groningen, Groninger Museum,
Vera, Simplon and Grand Theater).
The national scheme for vital regional infrastructure offers us
the possibility of realizing financial support from the government,
which otherwise we as a municipality would almost fully pay for.
The required co-financing amounts to 1.425 million euros.
Customized measures Funding regional Groningen Reducing rent for cultural organisations.
Prepayment of subsidy
Artist work scholarship Funding national Bergen Goverment funded scholarship initiated
to stimulate economical stability and workflow during
the pandemic. 70 m NOK is
divided between theatre, translators, architecture
and the music field.
FFUK Funding national Bergen The aim of the regulations is to establish a
temporary scheme to maintain activity and counteract long-term
inactivity among performing artists who have lost assignments or
income as a result of orders or advice given
by the authorities in connection with the covid-19 outbreak.
Kulturrom Funding national Bergen Kulturrom is the national subsidy scheme for
technical equipment, acoustics and premises.
They allocated NOK 7 million for
trial schemes and temporary schemes
in connection with the
corona crisis.
Innovative projects Funding regional Bergen Bergen Munincipality created three
new funds for new, innovative projects
during the pandemic. Total of 4 millions NOK.
0,5 mill NOK targeted directly at culture for hospitals
and homes for the elderly. Two week response time.
Cultural loans Funding regional Bergen Bergen Munincipality gave 10 mil NOK to BUZZ and Zefyr,
investment funds targeting the music, gaming, and movie industry.
The money was further invested in businesses and projects
with a very low interest and long downpayment plans.
NAV for self-employed workers Policy national Bergen The government opened up for unemployment benefits to be
given to self-employed workers through
NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration).
Den kulturelle skolesekken (Cultural School Bag) Funding national Bergen The cultural school bag (DKS) is a national scheme
that ensures that all school students in Norway get
to experience professional art and culture every year.
All county municipalities have agreed to pay fees to
practitioners in the "Den kulturelle skolesekken" who have had
their assignments canceled due to the corona pandemic.
Report - crisis and creativity in the music industry Reports/Studies national Bergen Study from april 2020 regarding the financial support systems
put in place during the pandemic, and how the
industry was coping. Analyzed the extent of the closure
with 3723 professionals in the music industry,
3057 individuals and 666 companies.
The survey is a collaboration with
the Music Industry Industry Council,
the regional Music Offices (including Brak),
the Cultural Council.
Covid Relief Grants - City of Sydney Funding regional Sydney The Sydney City Council released $3.5 million in
funding for the arts and cultural sector to help combat
the impacts of Covid19. Grants were offered to organisations
who had to cancel events, programs or services,
to help meet their costs, keep their staff
and pay their artists. Fellowships were offered
to individual artists to create new work during
the lockdown period. Donations were provided to industry
support services who provide emergency funds and mental health
support to the Australian arts sector.
These cash grants are in
addition to millions of dollars worth of rent waivers
for cultural tenants in City owned property, subsidised use
of City spaces and the waiving of fees
and charges related to the City's regulatory functions.
Community Recovery Plan - City of Sydney Policy regional Sydney The Community Recovery Plan is an 18 month plan
to support Sydney's economic, social and cultural recovery
from the pandemic. The plan gives direction as to
how the City's services and resources will be directed
towards recovery, and how the City will work with community,
businesses, state and other local government authorities in responding,
rebuilding and transforming through the pandemic.
Audience Outlook Monitor - The Patternmakers Reports/Studies national Sydney The audience outlook monitor is extensive national research
on the confidence and comfort that arts and cultural
audiences have with returning to events and arts spaces
through and beyond covid19. Funded by the Australian federal government,
state governments and the City of Sydney, the research
delivers bi-monthly updates on audience sentiment.
SYLA - Support Your Local Artists Funding regional Aarhus An initiative to help and support musicians working on
online-activities, outdoor-concerts etc. due to the overall lockdown.
The program secured the minimum tarif for the participating musicians.
The project was initiated by Promus in
cooperation with local venue, VoxHall.
Musical Postcards from Aarhus Funding regional Aarhus The Musical Postcards was an initiative made by
the City of Aarhus in cooperation with SPOT Festival & Promus.
The project consists of ten musical postcards featuring ten
new and upcoming artists presenting themselves together with ten
of the cultural institutions of the city
(i.e. museums, places, environment etc.).
The idea was to support both artists and institutions
during the lockdown periode. All participating artists recieved
a rather huge payment from the City for their participation.
The Postcards are still being presented on a weekly basis
through the official SoMe-channels from the City and
is also used in a tourist campaign from the
Visit Aarhus-office.
Venue-report/Aarhus Reports/Studies regional Aarhus A short research study on the impact of Covid-19
for venues and festivals in the Aarhus-region.
The result will be presented in an article in
local newspapers and through the
nationwide live/concert/festival organizations.
Music & health care/Social Care Magistrate/Aarhus Funding regional Aarhus An initiative from the City/Magistrate for Social & Health Care
in Aarhus supporting musicians to perform outdoor concerts
and nursery homes and other City institutions in order
to comply with the restictions during the Covid-19-lockdown.
Hamburg Corona Emergency Relief Funding regional Hamburg Nonrefundable Emergency Relief Fund for freelancers and
SMEs from Hamburg
Restart-Fund for Artists Funding regional Hamburg Nonrefundable support for artists.
Culture Bail-out Package Relief Funding regional Hamburg 35 mil. € fund to support music clubs
and theaters.
Loans, Credit Lines and Forebearances Funding regional Hamburg Wide range of different loans, credit lines
and forebearances for companies in the
creative sector
Re-Opening Blueprint for Music Venues
and Promoter
Reports/Studies regional Hamburg Funded by the Ministry of Culture
and Media Hamburg, advocacy groups
Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) and Clubkombinat
commissioned a re-opening blueprint for
venues and promoter. This blueprint helps
to implement measures for a safe re-opening.
Live Open Air Initiative Funding regional Hamburg 1.5 mil. € fund to support live open air
concerts during Summer 2020
Artist Fee Compensation Fund Funding regional Hamburg 0.5 mil. € fee compensation for artists
to get back on (digital) stages.
Hamburg Music Business Support Funding regional Hamburg 5 mil. € fund to support Hamburg music
companies as well as solo self-employed
people working in the music industry in
overcoming the corona crisis and to
enable music industry projects.
Manchester Culture Recovery Plan Policy regional Manchester Manchester Culture Recovery Plan has been
developed with a wide range of
and stakeholders and a COVID-19 Culture
Recovery Board has been established to lead the
city’s response to the pandemic and aid
the sector’s recovery. The recovery plan is a
request to provide the support the cultural
sector, including specific strands for music,
that needed to aid recovery.
It includes a stabilisation strategy,
a two year stimulus plan for culture in
Manchester, Coordination and Marketing Support.
Manchester Music City Steering Group Policy regional Manchester in partnership with the Music Venues Trust
advice and guidance to small - midscale venues
across Manchester City.
Specific advice given to support applications
to the national about the Grass Roots
Music venues fund and the
Cultural Recovery Funding.

Planned Manchester Music Economy research
UK Government Funding national Manchester UK Government announced a £1.57bn
support package for the arts on 5th July
and featuring a targeted Emergency Grassroots
Music Venues Fund. The funding via grants
and loans and extra assistance for capital
arts and heritage projects is to stablise
the sector to 31 March 2021.
Musicians Union Funding national Manchester The MU Coronavirus Hardship Fund
UK Government Funding national Manchester General support for businesses and freelancers
from the UK Government during the crisis
have included:
The Job Retention Fund
- enabling staff to be furloughed (ending October 2020)

Job Support Scheme - contribution to the wages of staff unable to be
brought back to full employment (November - March 2021)

Small Grants and business rate relief for small businesses
and those operating in the Retail,
Hospitality & Leisure Sector (where eligible)

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme and Bounceback loans

Coronavirus Self-Employment Income Support Scheme
will continue up to the end of April 2021 to provide
a assistance to established freelancers
Help Musicians UK Funding national Manchester Help Musicians Financial Hardship Funding
Association for Independent Musicians Funding national Manchester Hardship fund. Applications open to AIM
Member businesses and developing artists
signed to those businesses.
Performing Rights Society Foundation Funding national Manchester  
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