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The Music Cities Network is delighted to announce the open call for applications for the first European Music Business Task Force programme 2021. From August 2021 until the end of January 2022, 12 upcoming European music business professionals will have the opportunity to embark on a transnational European expedition searching for answers to the question: How can we boost European music within Europe?

The programme is organized by the transnationally acting Music Cities Network in partnership with Promus Aarhus and in collaboration with four key northern European music festivals and conventions - SPOT Festival, DK, Reeperbahn Festival, DE, Iceland Airwaves, IS, Eurosonic, NL.

The aim of the programme is to develop new insights, skills and knowledge resulting in tools and proposals for developing a strong sustainable transnational market for European Music within Europe post-Brexit as well as in pandemic times. The European Music Business Task Force programme is co-funded by the Music Moves Europe Programme of the European Commission.

The European Music Business Task Force will actively participate in the following music business festivals as part of their learning process:

  • The SPOT Festival and the SPOT+ Festival conference in Aarhus, Denmark (16th - 17th of september 2021).
  • The Reeperbahn Festival and the Reeperbahn Festival Conference in Hamburg, Germany (22th - 25th of september 2021).
  • The Iceland Airwaves and the Airwaves Pro conference in Reykjavik, Iceland (3rd - 6th of november 2021).
  • The Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) and the ESNS Conference in Groningen, Netherlands (19th - 22nd of january 2022). 

During each of the four festivals as well as during in-between sessions, the Task Force will facilitate workshop sessions working through different problems and industry areas based on current industry challenges. 

⇒ In summary, the programme is a unique chance to become part of a European music business task force that will actively shape the future of the European music market! ⇐  


10.05.21 Release Open Call

14.06.21 Application deadline

06.07.21 Announcement of participants

18.08.21 Kick Off Online Training Participants I.

16.-17.09.21 Workshop Part I. @ SPOT Festival, DK

tbd Online Training Participants II.

22.09-25.09.21 Workshop Part II. @ Reeperbahn Festival, DE

tbd Online training Participants III.

05.-06.11.21 Workshop Part III. @ Iceland Airwaves, IS

tbd Online Training Participants IV.

19.-22.01.22 Workshop/Part VI./Eurosonic - final presentation, NL

tbd Online Training Participants V.

01.- 29.02.22 Distribution and Evaluation

Application deadline: June 14th 2021

About the Kaospilots & Training Programme

The Kaospilot is an education based in Aarhus, Denmark founded in 1991.

The Kaospilot is running a 3 year program focusing on Enterprising Leadership. People are educated to drive results and to create transformation as changemakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

The Kaospilots offers a wide range of programs for professionals in Denmark and abroad, too. The school has been a partner in the program “Music Management” run by the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. Learn more here

Overall schedule for the course

Workshop 1 - “Discover”: SPOT Festival, Aarhus (DK)
The aim is to onboard the Task Force candidates in the programme, share expectations, and start research projects across countries and disciplinaries. Problems shall be defined, experts can be consulted.

  • Build learning community, gather information, exchange knowledge
  • Clarify expectations and needs to the programme.
  • Define areas of work

Workshop 2 - “Define”: Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (DE)
observations will be analysed and synthesized in order to define the core problems which have been identified up to this point. The purpose is to interpret and refram the research and map it into activities.  

  • Share collected information and work results.
  • Test ideas and define projects based on the research, formulate questions.
  • Relevant from invited keynote speakers.

Workshop 3 - “Design”: Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik (IS)
With a solid background the Task Force can start to “think outside the box” to identify new solutions to the identified problems. They can start to look for alternative ways of viewing the problems. The purpose is to develop and design a final project which should be implemented before the last module.

  • Designing of concept for the project.
  • Planning the management of the project.
  • Relevant input from invited keynote speakers.

Workshop 4 - “Deliver”: Eurosonic, Groningen (NL)
The final workshop will deliver and present some of the findings in a workshop held by the participants in the Masterclass at the SPOT Festival in Aarhus.

  • Test of the project in a real world setting.
  • Learn from the feedback.

In addition, there will be at least five in between online courses through a digital learning software designed by the KaosPilots, and additional lectures from leading music business experts.


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