Music Cities Network Residency Program 

The fast and ongoing technical, multimedial, and global developments have caused one of the biggest structural changes for music making and the music business. That’s why, today more than ever, learning from and collaborating with each other is the key to new ideas and innovation, and eventually to success in the music business for upcoming artists and young music business professionals.

The international music scene nowadays is dominated by urban music of different sub-genres. It is a very strong market of youth culture, and one of the new trends within urban music is the growing irrelevance of language barriers. Furthermore, the segmented music business areas are developing fast, and they need fresh thinking actors to handle and approach the industry in new ways.

The Music Cities Network Residency Program facilitates a worldwide music and music business talent exchange for upcoming artists and young industry professionals for member cities of the MCN. The goal is to connect the participants directly with each other by using the member cities and their connected networks as a gateway, utilising their already existing structures, knowledge, and hubs.

There are two target groups within the program: artists and young music business professionals. The first project will focus on bringing young urban artists from 4-5 of the Music Cities Network cities together to work on a joint performance during the Aarhus Volume Festival in June 2018. Other projects in MCN member cities with performances, recordings, etc. will follow. The music business talent residency will follow in autumn 2018 and is not limited to particular festivals/events (see below).



How does it work in detail?

  1. The “Open-Call” will be send out through all MCN member-cities.
  2. Artists submit their application latest until 14.05.2018. Answering the questions: Why do you want to take part? Which of your latest productions should we listen to?
  3. Each member city will select a shortlist of five artists and Aarhus Volume will make the final decisions.
  4. After the arrival in Aarhus, there will be an introduction phase and welcoming through the MCN member city host.
  5. Rehearsal-pre-prep at Promus from Sunday the 24th – Friday the 29th.
  6. Aarhus Volume will have a “musical director” present during rehearsals.
  7. Promus will take care of equipment for rehearsal + cover the production fee to the festival for stage, equipment and technicians.
  8. There will be a video and photo documentation during the rehearsal and the show.
  9. All artists will be featured in the official program for Aarhus Volume.
  10. Each city covers transport and accommodation for the respective participants/artist + per diems
  11. The show is scheduled for Saturday the 30th of June from 18:00 – 20:00 – venue: Den Rå Hal (indoor venue at the Godsbanen, it will be a Urban Music Showcase – presented by the Music Cities Network)




First edition is planned for Autumn 2018

How does it work in detail?

  1. Application: At first the participants need to apply with a concept (what, who, when, why and where). A jury consisting of member cities and experts (tba) will then discuss and confirm the applications.
  2. Travel & Accommodation: The participant will be offered a working space and will be assisted to find cheap/free accommodation by the city and the MCN host.
  3. Introduction: After the arrival there will be an introduction phase and welcoming by the MCN member city host.
  4. Mentoring Phase: various meetings with people and companies from the creative and music scenes to further support and develop ideas.
  5. Working-phase: every participant will work on his project.
  6. Presentation Phase: This can be a concert or concept presentation.
  7. Duration: 1 week to 3 months.
  8. Costs: co-financing of travel costs by the city of origin, free working space and assistance to find a cheap or even free accommodation by the local network. All further expenses have to be covered by the participants.
  9. Coordination: Via the MCN office and the member city host, funding for organization will be covered by MCN and further member cities funding.
  10. Documentation: via the MCN website and publications, photos and videos.  
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