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The term diversity describes differences in racial or ethnic classifications, age, gender, religion, philosophy, physical abilities, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, intelligence, mental health, physical health, genetic attributes, behavior, attractiveness, or other identifying features. Diversity and inclusivity - specifically in terms of gender diversity in the music business - have become buzzwords in recent times, but the overwhelming majority of the world's spokespeople and decision makers are still male - that’s a fact. Many seem to have forgotten that the culture we cherish and celebrate was originally created by marginalized groups as a form of self-expression, tolerance and acceptance.

Through its worldwide network the Music Cities Network started an index of research, studies, panels, networks, conferences, events, policies, festivals, mentoring, funding programs, and collectives with a female focus in the creative and music industries. The aim is to broaden the visibility of female focus music networks, to get inspired and connect the dots which haven’t been done so before - for new ideas and future connections. This index is by no means exhaustive. The entries will be updated and expanded regularly. You can filter by column and search after keywords.

If you have a network which is not on the list yet: get in touch with us!

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Name Focus Country City Since Keyword Mission
City grants Sydney reg AUS Sydney 2017 Policy City of Sydney grants – the new introduced grants have a
particular stream for funding health & safety projects.
This has largely come out of a broader national conversation
about the need to address sexual harassment and abuse
issues in venues.
Music Victoria -
Women's Advisory Board
reg AUS Melbourne 2015 Panel Music Victoria is establishing a Women’s Music Industry
Advisory Panel to address barriers and leverage
opportunities for women in the Victorian contemporary
music industry and community.
Women in the Victorian
Music Industry
reg AUS Melbourne 2015 Report This discussion paper considers the issues confronting women
in the contemporary music industry in Victoria. It is based
on a survey conducted by Music Victoria and focuses on workplace
gender equality and career development.
Listen nat AUS Melbourne   Network,
LISTEN exists to initiate and foster change, using a feminist
perspective to promote the visibility and experiences of women,
LGBT, trans and gender diverse, people of colour, Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander communities/people/mob, people with
disabilities and other marginalised folk in Australian music.
One of One nat AUS     Network We shine the spotlight on women in the Australian music
industry; artists, managers, label heads, bookers, publicists,
radio personalities, tour managers et al.
APRA AMCOS nat AUS   2017 Research, Study APRA AMCOS shines light on sexist music industry with research,
makes moves to change it
Skipping a beat nat AUS   2017 Study New Research Shows “Chronic Gender Inequality” in the
Australian Music Industry ‘Skipping a beat’ is designed to
advance public debate on how to build an Australian contemporary
music industry based on the principles of inclusivity, representation
and belonging,” the report reads. The report is available in full over here.
Woman Victoria nat AUS     Policy,
Gender Equality,
Improving the lives of women and achieving gender equality.
Women in Music
nat CAN     Network Women in Music Canada (WIM-C) is a registered non-profit
organization comprised of a supportive network of music industry
professionals. The organization is dedicated to fostering
gender equality in the music industry through the support and
advancement of women. The goal is to strengthen the
social-economic balance of the music industry by providing
professional and creative development, support and resources
for women.
Helvetia Rockt nat CH Bern 2009 Network We are committed to a significant increase in the proportion of
women, in particular female instrumentalists, in jazz, pop and rock
and for a stronger presence of the musicians on the stage,
in the media and in the public.
Female:Pressure int GER     Network female pressure is an international network of female,
transgender and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic
music and digital arts founded by Electric Indigo: from musicians,
composers and DJs to visual artists, cultural workers and
researchers. A worldwide resource of talent that can be
searched after criteria like location, profession, style or name. "Why
are there so few women active in the electronic
music scene?" - each one of us has heard this question
a thousand times... Here is the answer:
It's not our number, it's about how and if we are recognized!
Frauen Kultur
Büro Köln
reg GER Cologne 2014 Network,
The women's culture office NRW e.V. located in Krefeld,
as a country office offers North Rhine-Westphalian artists
of all sectors a forum, networks and develops structural measures.
Funding programs such as 'Der Künstlerinnenpreis NRW', the scholarships,
presence on location: artists with children' or the 'International
Exchange for Visual Artists with Georgia and Armenia' are
gaining wide acceptance in the scene. The projects,
in which countless artists are involved, vary greatly in
their formal orientation: hearings, symposiums, salons,
art and cultural fairs, art exhibitions, catalogs, readings, studio visits,
artist talks, concerts, film presentations, etc. The content of
the project work is supported by an Advisory Council
convened in 2014.
MINT nat GER Berlin 2015 - 2017 Network,
Mint is a platform for women - DJs and producers -
in electronic music, which aims to improve the visibility of
female DJs and acts. Since 2013 we have been creating measures
to connect, train and present female artists. In addition to
the Mint Club Night, which takes place monthly in Berlin,
we also organize workshops around the production
and installation of house and techno as part of the
Campus series.
Music Industry
Women (VUT)
nat GER Berlin   Network,
The network's goal is to help more women shape the
music industry in the long term - including in leadership
positions and as founders - and to make women more
visible. Because the music industry must be more colorful and
this is a first step to it. That's why we want to invite you to
become part of the network.
MusicHHWomen reg GER Hamburg 2017 Network Nearly 50 music women founded their own representation
of interests on 18.06.2017 on the Reeperbahn/
kukuun in Hamburg. The name musicHHwomen - art.business.media.
is the focus, because the network wants to be a platform
for music women from all 3 areas.
Whether musician (art), bookerin (business) or
music journalist (media), the new network will
offer qualification, exchange, databases, participation, empowerment,
protection and presence to all. The network was initiated by RockCity Hamburg e.V.
We Make Waves int GER Berlin 2017 Festival,
Introducing We Make Waves, a new Berlin-based festival
and conference made for women, trans and non-binary
people poised to disrupt the music industry.
This November, we will bring together a group of renegade
performers, artists, and activists from Berlin and beyond
in order to share transformational ideas, experiences,
and motivation for future projects and collaborations.
She Said int UK London 2015 Network shesaid.so is a curated network of women with active roles
in the music industry. Our vision is to create an environment
that supports collaboration, creativity and
positive values.
UK Music Diversity
int UK London 2016 Research,
This inaugural diversity survey took data from almost 3,000 staff
from major and independent record labels, music
publishers, managers, producers, royalty-collection societies
and the live music industry. To coincide with the survey’s
launch in July, UK Music hosted a diversity summit
at PPL’s offices in London with key figures from
the industry to discuss issues and challenges.
Women in Music int USA New York 1985 Network,
Women In Music is a non-profit organization with a mission
to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage,
opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the
musical arts through education, support, empowerment,
and recognition. Our seminars, panels, showcases,
achievement awards, and youth initiatives celebrate the
female contribution to the music world, and strengthen
community ties.
Women’s International
Music Network™
nat USA   2012 Network,
The mission of the Women’s International Music Network™
is to create a hub to connect women in all facets of the
music industry. You are not alone! Founded in 2012 by Laura B. Whitmore, a
veteran marketer of the musical instrument and audio industries,
the Women’s International Music Network site
(TheWiMN.com) hosts news, events, and a community forum
for women from all walks of the industry.
Keychange eu EU   2017 Funding
Keychange is a pioneering European initiative which empowers women
to transform the future of the music industry. Through new
international opportunities for emerging artists
and innovators, 60 successful participants from across Europe
will come together to form a network of female music creators
and industry innovators. These participants will
be invited to take part in a series of showcases, collaborations and a
programme of creative labs at seven international
festivals, backed up by an innovation fund to help test new projects
and ideas. Keychange aims to accelerate change and create
a better, more inclusive music industry for present and future generations.

Keychange is led by PRS Foundation, supported by
the Creative Europe programme of the European Union,
in partnership with Musikcentrum Sweden, Reeperbahn Festival,
Iceland Airwaves, BIME, Tallinn Music Week, Way Out
West, The Great Escape and Mutek.
MusicNSW –
Women in
Electronic Music
nat AUS Sydney 2016 Showcase MusicNSW and FBi Radio bring you a massive showcase
of Women in Electronic Music on Saturday 17 June at Oxford Art
Factory. Party late into the night with pioneering producers,
beat-makers and DJs from Sydney and beyond, hosted
by Sydney’s one and only FlexMami.
Woman Make Music nat UK   2017 Research,
The creation of our Women Make Music funding opportunity followed a
discussion panel we presented in May 2010 in collaboration
with Birds Eye View – an organisation that celebrates and supports
international women filmmakers.

We wanted to draw attention to the gender gap between men
and women music creators and to explore how we could
better support women who are making new music.
Woman only
Music Festival
nat SWE tba 2018 Festival "Sweden’s first man-free rock festival is going ahead next
year and frankly, it's about bloody time."
Cream Cake
nat GER Berlin 2016 Network,
Understands as feminist and queer
Interdisciplinary in the fields of music, performance,
digital artIs internationally oriented, but anchored nationally and
regionally in Berlin Is part of the digital avant-garde and
its networks

Creates attention and visibility for up-and-coming musicians
who express themselves through new technologies
and media Develop
new formats for events based on digital
culture Encourages reflection in gender politics Provides
views and discussions on issues of digital society
No Shade nat GER Berlin 2017 Network,
No Shade is a club night series & DJ training program
for female/non-binary DJs based in Berlin.
SISTER int     2015 Network,
SISTER is a virtual collective of women and gender
non-conforming electronic music enthusiasts
and professionals across the globe, remedying
inequality in our field since 2015.Our mix series celebrates
the DJ talent of our members.
Music HH Woman
nat GER   2018 Platform The musicHHwomen Database is the nation's first database
for music women from the fields of art. business. media.
The goal is to increase the presence of music women,
empowerment, networking and exchange of know-how,
in order to visibly counter the prevailing gender gap in
the industry. The starting signal is fired in Hamburg, the database is to
continue to grow in all 16 federal states. Get involved and: spread the word!
Jazz Camp
for Girls
nat DK   2017 Education JazzCamp for Girls is a music and improvisation
course for girls between the ages of 10 and 15, taking
place throughout Denmark in collaboration with national music
schools and further institutions. See more in the video.
LOUD'HER nat F Lille 2018 Networks,
LOUD'HER is a french association for the presence and visibility of women in music.
Raketerei nat D Hamburg 2017 Plattform,
Founded by Imke Machura and first started as a
podcast, which portrayed and interviewed
women from the music industry. Then podcast series expanded
to a community. RAKETEREI BACKSTAGE is a home for
female musicians to support them to build musical careers and advance.
RAKETEREI BACKSTAGE is the step up for female musicians into the music business.
Sound Girls int USA Los Angeles 2012 Plattform,
Sound Girls Mission Statement: To inspire and empower the next generation of
women in audio. Our mission is to create a supportive
community for women in audio and music production,
providing the tools, knowledge, and support to
further their careers.
Women in
Live Music
int DK     Plattform,
Women in Live Music [WILM] is a European platform and
online community for women working in live music. This
includes women working all sorts of roles behind the
scene: Sound Engineers, Tour Managers,
Lighting Designers, Riggers, Backliners, Stage Managers, Stagehands and
many more.
Music Women
nat AT Vienna 2016 Plattform,
MUSIC WOMEN AUSTRIA is a platform for women working in
the field of music. The main objectives are sharing information,
best practice and networking events
Spoon reg GER Berlin 2018 Workshops,
Spoon is a DJ work space for practical training with turntables
dedicated to women, trans and non-binary people.
The Spoon Workspace provides open decks for DJs with a basic
knowledge of spinning vinyl. Participants can practice, get
individual feedback, ask questions in a non-judgmental
environment and develop a support network.
Mujeres en la Industria Musical
nat ESP Barcelona 2016 Association,
Our ultimate goal is our dissolution. We wish with all our strength
that the day will come when our association is not necessary,
nor our website, or that our website and association will become
"Music Industry Professionals" where men and women have the
same treatment, the same salaries, the same opportunities,
and the same possibilities.
Delia Derbyshire Day nat UK Manchester 2012 Education,
We champion women composers and artists past, present and
future with our talks/expertise about Delia's work and the
history of electronic music, our education work (in schools,
workshops and projects with young people and adults)
and professional development opportunities for exciting
contemporary artists.
Yorkshire Sound Women's Network nat UK Yorkshire 2015 Education,
Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN) was founded in 2015 by
women working in the sound technology industry who wanted to use
their skills and influence to address gender and racial inequality.
Our mission is to support a flourishing industry which welcomes,
encourages and progresses the inclusion of women at all levels
from studio floor to board room, and reflects the diversity of its
participating communities
Brighter Sound int UK Manchester 2000 Education,
Rooted in the North of England with national and international reach,
we’ve delivered a programme of exciting, relevant, creative
projects and events to support young and emerging musicians for
almost 20 years, working with music makers from their early years
to their early careers.
Saffron Records nat UK Brighton 2016 Education We feel that the short term solution is to create safe,
single sex learning environments for the education of women,
which encourage confidence, creativity and curiosity.
Comprising a record label, teaching series,
masterclasses and artist development platform,
Saffron's aim is to support Womxn in music business and technology.
Women Produce Music nat UK     Education,
Women Produce Music (WPM) is an artist and
producer led non-profit founded by composer producer
Katia Isakoff,to promote and support the activities
of music-makers, producers and audio engineers
through a series of collaborative projects and initiatives.
Beats by Girlz int US New York City 2011 Education,
Beats By Girlz is designed to empower young women in music
technology by providing them with the guidance, access, tools and
role-support to develop their interest (and ultimately their ability to
pursue career opportunities) in music production,
composition, engineering, etc.
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