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EMBTF podcast: Music Industry Voices

Visibility is the first step in creating change. We said that the European Music Business Task Force is here to stay! Well, we are not to break promises, so please let us introduce to you: The EMBTF Podcast Series MUSIC INDUSTRY VOICES!

EMBTF podcast: Music Industry Voices

In this podcast, we come together with the EMBTF participants in one-on-one conversations, talking about how they got into the music industry, what they did right, what they did wrong and what could have helped along the way. We want to open up the industry, and we think one of the best ways to start doing this is with a conversation. 

Music Industry Voices is to be understood as an ever-evolving platform, growing with the stories told. Tune in, lean back and listen to us detangling ourselves in our careers on air.

Music Industry Voices - Hildur Maral

In our pioneer episode we talked to @HildurMaral. She is now a music manager, but along the way she has also made experiences as a radio show host and in artist, event, PR, and label management. Tune in, and find out about her fascinating journey!

MIV is hosted by no one other than Freddie Aitken @djayrtan

Check our Linktree for your preferred Podcast provider to listen to the first episode.

By clicking on the button, you can listen to our Podcast on Spotify!

The second episode with Tom Besford is coming up soon.

Jingle produced and provided by Sjoerd Vriesema.

Cover Design by Franz Thöricht. 

All produced by Sabrina

Supervised by Lena & Jeppe

Brought to you by Music Cities Network & Promus.

The Task Force is here to stay!


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