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THE EUROPEAN MUSIC POLICY EXCHANGE  - the first-ever music policy think tank for cities in Europe, leading to the publication of a Music Cities Policy Handbook in 2023.

European Music Policy Exchange

Welcome to the EMPE

Step into the world of the European Music Policy Exchange, an initiative that brings together the Center for Music Ecosystems and the Music Cities Network, along with over 100 partners, guest editors, and writers from all corners of Europe. This platform serves as a collective exploration of the immense value of music in our communities across Europe and beyond.

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Unveiling Music's Impact

Delve into a comprehensive journey that seeks to unravel the multifaceted impact of music on our towns, cities, and places. In collaboration with policymakers, experts, and voices from around the globe, we tackle a fundamental question: Can we unearth the economic, social, and cultural significance of music in a way that propels greater investment – both financial and political – in this vibrant sphere?

 Navigating the Path.  of Discovery 

Our endeavor is to spotlight music's role across eight pivotal urban priorities: equality, diversity, and inclusion; climate action; jobs and skills; education; tourism; the night-time economy; infrastructure; and long-term strategic planning.


Through meticulous roundtables, data analysis, research, and invaluable insights from policymakers, we have meticulously crafted 34 recommendations across these policy domains.

Group of people shown working together to target one of the 8 urban priorities

A Collaborative Journey

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​This initiative emerged from the convergence of minds in dynamic roundtable discussions, fostering the collective expertise of more than 100 professionals hailing from Europe, the UK, and beyond. Special thanks to KAOS Pilots for their facilitation expertise – this would not have been possible without each participant's dedication.

 An Evolving Conversation 

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While our aspiration was to be all-encompassing and diverse, acknowledging examples from every EU27 country, we humbly recognize that there's always room for more. This guide isn't a culmination but rather a starting point, designed to initiate a broader conversation about integrating music into local policies. As we focus on music’s potential to address socio-economic and cultural challenges, we unearth innovative ways to work more effectively and equitably.

Discover, Download, and Expand 

Should you wish to dive deeper, the full report is at your disposal. We're open to further contributions, examples, and enhancements, as this guide remains a living entity. Our hope is that this profound work, showcasing the significance of music, inspires your community to harness its power for holistic enhancement.

María Rut Reynisdóttir

María Rut Reynisdóttir

Head of Cultural Office, Reykjavík Music City,

Reykjavík Culture and Tourism,

Board Member Music Cities Network e.V.

'EMPE will be tackling the most important topics our music cities are facing today, such as climate change, tourism, and infrastructure. In our fast-paced societies, we are often tackle these matters without taking the time to form policies around our work or create the infrastructure that supports and facilitates long-term change. EMPE will be the platform where we share knowledge and experiences across cities in Europe and will allow us to foster the relationship between key players in our music scenes and policymakers'.

A Note of Gratitude

We extend heartfelt gratitude to our collaborators, co-writers, MusicAire, and the European Commission, whose support and funding brought this visionary project to life. As we present the European Music Policy Guide, we usher in a new era of understanding and action, unlocking music’s transformative potential within local policies.


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