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Keychange is an organisation dedicated to taking positive action to create more opportunities for women and gender minorities in the music industry. To achieve this, we’ve initiated a Keychange Pledge which we invite festivals and music organisations to join, making pledges for changes they’d like to make, activities they’d like to continue, and ideas they’d like to enhance within their own set-ups. This could be from pledging to book more women and non-binary artists on their line ups, to having at least 50% women on staff, board members, and so on. 


Some of our signatories are achieving gender balance already, some are working towards it, and more than 500 festivals and music organisations have joined the pledge to make a positive difference.

Why sign the keychange pledge with MCN?

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"In my role as Managing Director, I see it as my responsibility to ensure that our organisation embodies diversity values by including these standards in the planning process of new projects and activities. Positioning MCN as organisational role model, empowering our members and partners to act likewise, is our contribution to a more inclusive music industry!"

 Lena Ingwersen

Managing Director Music Cities Network,

Keychange Innovator (2020-2022)

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