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Exploring Music Education and Cultural Innovation at Tallinn Music Week

As if being at Tallinn Music Week for the final 5/5 EMBTF Meetup wouldn’t be enough, we managed to squeeze our MCN timetables a bit fuller even.

A workshop on music education, as well as a panel on the story of the Burning Man Project - you best believe we don’t get bored. But you know, we always aim to inspire the music city change makers around us so they go home and spread the word. So we try, and put some work in to tickle those brains as good as we can.

The workshop on music education as given by Lena Ingwersen and Magda Chołyst was based on the findings of the education chapter in the EMPE guide. Magda complemented those with input on education’s history, and together we discussed how to innovate the system, as we need to consider music as a tool for mental growth and societal development.

And for the panel on the Burning Man Project with Bryan Tan, we talked about the culture of possibility and got to know a network of dreamers and doers. Sharing the most ensuring quote of this session with you: „Cities of the world - Be brave! Hold space for the fun, strange, joyful, and unexpected.“


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