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Lena Ingwersen: Impact and Implementation: Learn from each other / Pop-kultur

Discover impactful insights with Lena Ingwersen at the "Impact and Implementation" workshop in Pop-Kultur. Explore collaborative strategies and learn from each other's experiences. Join us for an engaging session on driving positive change in the music and cultural sector.

Join us for an interactive workshop in the vibrant heart of our member city Berlin at Pop-Kultur Berlin! This workshop is all about your work, projects, and ideas – and how they drive implementation and impact. 🌟 We're diving deep into implementation and impact. How do you measure program effectiveness? How can we create tools for better impact analysis? 📊

No more lectures – this is about listening and learning from your collective expertise! Together, we'll develop tactics to enrich our music and cultural policy strategies. Let's define challenges and craft practical solutions. 💡

The workshop will be hosted by Lena Ingwersen, MCNs Managing Director, cultural manager, and DJ. She's been part of Keychange as an innovator, pushing for lasting change in the music industry. Lena will guide the participants through this journey. Join in through this link and let's make a difference together! 🎉


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