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The Music Cities Network is a worldwide network between music cities dedicated to improving communication, collaboration, business, arts & policies. 

Why should you join the Network?

1. Joint Project Development & Fundraising

Support your local music ecosystem through easier access to funding. We organize collaborative projects for music business, artists, cultural institutions and education (e.g. via Music Moves Europe/Creative Europe).

2. Networking,  Knowledge Exchange & Advocacy 

Get connected. MCN facilitates access to a strong team of music cities experts gathered within the network. Gain advice and insights on best practices in music policies, efficiencies and capabilities for your music city, and vice versa. 

3. Joint Music Business Development 

MCN has the strategic goal of getting the music business communities in the cities to create and expand working together and creating new business opportunities, locally and internationally. Get involved, and make new long-lasting connections. 

4. Joint Presentation  of  your Music City Ecosystem, City Marketing & Tourism

Your city will be visible as a global leader in the music cities discussion (e.g. at industry events like SXSW, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn Festival). Through the network, you can present your music city: from local talents, to music businesses, venues, institutions, city marketing strategists and policy makers, during panels, showcases or workshops.

5. Joint shaping of Music Policies

Actively shape music policies on a EU, and worldwide level. We are working towards the acknowledgement of the value of culture and music as an integrated part of city development. Become part of the process to build greater, diverse and sustainable networks. 

6. Joint Collaborative Research & Database

Join our research on fields related to music cities policies. The MCN is providing and sharing information and research surrounding global music cities activities & policies. You will also get access to the MCN databases on research & best practices (e.g. venue audience development study, and the MCN Members Covid-19 Responses database with a collection of measures taken by the cities to respond to the various impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic).

Membership facts

Membership Facts

  • Your city will become an official member 

  • As city you have one vote in the yearly general assembly 

  • Full exclusive participation on goals & agenda of the association. 

  • Membership fee for new members is: 6500,00 € net p.a. 

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