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Regularly quoted in newspapers as being one of the nicest cities in France, Nantes is also renowned for being a rich, lively and innovative city. Its economic clout makes Nantes France's 3rd largest industrial city and 2nd most successful city in terms of employment growth.

More than captivating, Nantes culture exerts a magnetic attraction. At the core of the city’s strategy to increase its prestige, culture is approached as a lever for economic development like nowhere else. At the service of this collective human enterprise are: a budget of 66 million euros, 600 city council employees, major municipal facilities and 220 subsidized cultural organisations. Besides the millions of spectators and users of these cultural facilities, this profusion creates thousands of jobs and boosts the entire local economy.

Regarding the Nantes music sector, the main missions are in line with the municipality’s determination to support emerging musicians and new forms of creation as well as to address the expectations of the professionals. The objective is to help those projects grow in a favourable environment, thereby promoting the dynamics of cultural innovation.

Selection of artists & composers
Selection of ensembles
Selection of live music venues

Stereolux (Popular music)
Lieu Unique (Popular, classical and new music)
Zénith de Nantes (Mainstream)
Le Nouveau Pavillon (New traditionnal music)
La Bouche d’Air (French music)
Pannonica (Jazz and new music)
Le Ferrailleur (Independant)
Scène Michelet (Independant)
Warehouse (Techno)
DY10 (DIY)
Nantes Angers Opera (Opera and classical)
La Cité

Featured events

Scopitone (Electronic / digital arts)
La Folle Journée (classical)
Paco Tyson (Electro)
Aux Heures d’été (Jazz)
Hip Opsession (Hip-Hop)
Eurofonik (Traditionnal)
Culture bar-Bars (concerts in bars)
Biennale Internationale du Spectacle (professional)

Selection of funding programmes

There’s no specific music programs.

Most of them are related to a transdisciplinary approach (emergence, night life) or analyzed case-by-case.

Selection of networks

La Fabrique (transdisciplinary city network)
Bar-Bars (National network)
Le Pôle (Regional music network)
FEDELIMA (national - based in Nantes)
FAMDT (national - based in Nantes)
Live DMA (international - based in Nantes)

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