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When considering the widespread popularity of Icelandic music, the significance of Reykjavík’s vibrant creative scene cannot be surpassed. Despite its modest size, the city boasts a wealth of musical talent across genres and professions that have established Reykjavík as a remarkable and original music city. A range of progressive festivals with international outreach attract citizens and music tourists alike and provide fertile foundations for international networking for the city’s music industry.

Reykjavík has a legendary history of grassroots initiatives and well-developed practices of cross-pollination within the music scene. The reason for this strong and sustainable social community might be due to the high number of children attending music schools, along with Reykjavík’s small but diverse selection of unique music venues that offer ample space for experimental musical practices to unfold. 

Recently, Reykjavík has started to map its music infrastructure in order to learn where to target efforts in order to grow further as a music city. So far, research shows that the city is struggling with similar issues of gentrification as many other urban areas. Joining the Music Cities Network will hopefully result in an exchange of knowledge that can serve to alter this development.

Why Music cities network?

María Rut Reynisdóttir

"Being in a network with other cities were music is valued not only as an artform but also as an important driving force in society that contributes to making a city attractive, vibrant and economically sustainable  - is very important to us at Reykjavík Music City. It‘s a space for knowledge exchange, support and cooperation and gives meaning to one‘s work locally from a global perspective.

María Rut Reynisdóttir,Head of Cultural Office,Reykjavík Music City Board Member Music Cities Network E.V.
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