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Dorotėja Būdaitė

Vilnius, LT

Graduated English Philology (BA), Knowledge Management and Leadership (MA). For 10 years Dorotėja has worked in hospitality industry and as a lecturer. Music business was a side job, mainly helping musicians build their EPK’s, on their press releases and so on.

She started her own company which aims at helping jazz and contemporary musicians/composers establish their audiences, attract funding, book gigs and build an international presence. In 2022 she became the chairperson of Lithuanian Jazz Union board.

  • Why is it exactly the right time now to take part in the EMTBF program that tackles the challenges in European music?


"The right time was Yesterday, because in the information industry, globalization and digitization age it is crucial to understand how to make music industry fair and inclusive, how to keep niche music styles alive and thriving, how to preserve history in a way to make it relative to today’s audience and to prove that financing culture shouldn’t be the last thing on anyone’s mind."


  • What are you looking forward to the most in the program? 

"Meeting likeminded and culturally adapt people who would be interested in creating a system where artists, management, educators and music business professionals could look for and provide information on music consumption, music market needs and opportunities as well as creating a safe space where music industry participants could find emotional, informational and financial support in pursuing their musical careers locally and abroad."

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