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Erica Romero Pender

Seville, ES

Erica is a project manager and musician who is actively involved in the music industry. With a background in psychology, her main focus during her career has been on using collaboration as a catalyst for innovation, while promoting diversity and sustainability. She has been able to do this through the development and management of several European projects. She currently coordinates international strategy at Sala X,  a music venue in Seville.

  • Why is it exactly the right time now to take part in the EMTBF programme that tackles the challenges in European music?

"The European music sector must find ways to support the smaller players of the ecosystem (such as grassroot venues and independent artists) who are the real enablers of innovation and diversity in an increasingly competitive industry. This second EMTBF programme is a great opportunity to jointly build new strategies for empowering independent actors and facilitate their risk taking behavior, thus consolidating a more diverse and sustainable European music market."

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