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Grace Goodwin

Liverpool, UK

Grace started playing drums aged 7 and pursued a music career from an early age in her hometown of Liverpool. She went on to study BA Hons Popular Music at the Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts where she graduated with 1st Class Honours. She has recently completed her MA at the University of Liverpool with a focus on music business and industry. She is continuing her research onto a PHD in 2023 where she will focus on regional gender inequality in the UK music industry. Her research is funded by the Dave Laing scholarship.

Her main focus is addressing gender inequality within the music industry. She set up and was the record label manager for Both Sides Records, a pioneering label that focuses on readdressing the gender imbalance that exists within the music industry. Working exclusively with female and marginalised genders based in the North, the label aims to empower musicians in the early stages of their career. Grace works as an artist mentor at Future Yard, a  music venue based in the Liverpool City Region. She runs advice sessions for emerging artists and workshops on music industry practices and structures.

Grace is also a freelance session musician and percussionist. She works with DJs and sax players to provide Ibiza style entertainment across the world for weddings, parties and corporate events. Her travels have taken her to places such as Greece, Croatia and Italy. 

  • Why is it exactly the right time now to take part in the EMTBF programme that tackles the challenges in European music?

"I feel that now is a perfect time for me to take part in this programme as it will be the culmination of the skills I have learnt and it coincides with the start of my PHD Research. I hope to use this programme and networks to share my research, learn from the approach of others across the EU and help to enact change."

  • What are you looking forward to the most in the program? 

"I am looking forward to seeing the approach to music policy in cities across Europe and making new connections."

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