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Katarina Julie Madsen

Copenhagen, DK

Katarina is 28 years old and has been working in the music industry since 2018, doing PR before starting her current job as Creative Manager at publisher Edition Wilhelm Hansen / Wise Music. She works actively with pitching music for synch and doing music supervision on film and tv. Katarina also organizes the producer course 'Tracks By' and sits on the grant committee for Koda’s growth layer fund. 

  • Why is it exactly the right time now to take part in the EMTBF programme that tackles the challenges in European music?

"With technology constantly re-shaping the way we interact with music, I think now more than ever is a time to look at the challenges we face - and the opportunities of international collaboration in the industry. Looking to different initiatives and structural changes going on in Europe and working on how to improve, expand and export that together."

  • What are you looking forward to the most in the program? 

"I am looking forward to connecting with the other participants, learning about their experiences and being inspired by them!"

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