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Düsseldorf and Aalborg join the Music Cities Network and the Member Summer Summit in Bergen has taken place

Access the Official Press Release here.

The Music Cities Network is thrilled to announce that both Düsseldorf and Aalborg have officially joined our network, marking an exciting new chapter in our mission to collaborate globally to build better music ecosystems.

This development underscores both cities' commitment to nurturing their vibrant music scenes and contributing to the international music community.

The Music Cities Network, established in 2016, connects cities worldwide to promote the music industry's growth, economic development, and cultural exchange. The inclusion of Düsseldorf and Aalborg brings rich musical heritages and dynamic contemporary scenes to our network, enhancing our wish to elevate the global music landscape.

"As the founding of Music Düsseldorf shows, Düsseldorf is a significant player in the music sector. To connect internationally, we decided to join this network. Membership is a fantastic opportunity for Düsseldorf to exchange and share experiences and knowledge with other music cities across borders and city limits. The exchange of best practice examples is essential for further development,"


Executive Director of Booking,

Ticketing D.LIVE.

"To me, being part of MCN means we join a network with a lot of valuable know-how, experience and best practice knowledge. This will all be of great value in developing a music scene that is creative, diverse and capable of moving forward and being sustainable."


Head of Music Competence Center Aalborg Kommune

Lena Ingwersen, Managing Director of the Music Cities Network, expressed her excitement about coming together on the Summit and welcoming Düsseldorf and Aalborg as well:

"The MCN Member Summer Summit shows that coming together in person is always the best and most enriching way to experience the thriving Music Cities Network. And to welcome Düsseldorf and Aalborg to our network made the days in Bergen even more exciting! Düsseldorf, at the heart of NRW, boasts a vibrant music industry and many talented artists. Aalborg enriches us with its unique musical offerings and innovative scene. Elevating our urban cooperations to an even more expanded international level is truly invigorating."


Managing Director

of the Music Cities Network

MCN Member Summer Summit in Bergen

Düsseldorf and Aalborg have already made a significant impact as a new members by actively participating in the annual MCN Member Summer Summit held in Bergen this June. The city representatives merged in perfectly, showcasing their commitment and enthusiasm for the network's goals.

During the summit, we had the opportunity to come together with all members (except for Groningen and Sydney, who unfortunately couldn’t make it this year). We engaged in meaningful discussions, including this year’s focus areas:

1.  Co-Ownership: Exploring how the different communities in music in the member cities can contribute to the network and what the MCN can contribute vice versa.

2. Stakeholder Engagement: Strategizing on ways to reach out more effectively to stakeholders and enhance collaboration within and between cities.

Looking ahead, Düsseldorf and Aalborg are set to continue their active participation in upcoming MCN events and initiatives, contributing to and benefiting from the collective knowledge and experience of the network.


For more information about the Music Cities Network and Düsseldorf and Aalborg's involvement, please contact:

Lena Ingwersen

Managing Director, Music Cities Network

About the

Music Cities Network

The Music Cities Network is an international organization dedicated to connecting cities through the power of music. By promoting collaboration, research, and advocacy, the network aims to build thriving music ecosystems that support cultural, social, and economic development worldwide.


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