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MCN Showcase at @SPot festival 2023

Get ready to groove with the crème de la crème of fresh European music at this year’s SPOT Festival🔥!

We're excited to announce that we're is bringing back our MCN Showcase (bigger than ever!) with the hottest representation of musical diversity to this year's SPOT!

So make sure you don't miss these 7 talented artists and bands from 7 of our members' cities who will be showcasing their talent:

Whether you think they’re pop, punk, sweet, harsh, wild, happy, or way too serious; Get Jealous makes sure you’re listening. Even when you think you don’t like punk. Get Jealous performs energetic songs inspired by the Regrettes mixed with Disney theme songs. The short, loud punk tunes are catchy, while the lyrics reflect on today’s crooked society and bring up discussions with your own thoughts.

Presented by RockCity Hamburg e.V. and Hamburg Music in collaboration with Music Cities Network


The brainchild of a Nigerian, gothic rapper, and a British producer of post-industrial ambience has made for an ancestral and intoxicating mix. Weaving together the sounds and legacy of hip hop, Afro-Beat, techno, ambient electronica and folk, the duo craft a live sound that is at once familiar and unrecognizable.

Presented by Brighter Sound in collaboration with Music Cities Network

Kristina Issa’s voice and music is intense and explosive. With dreamy and catchy melodies that springs from deep within, the music manifests into a dynamic and emotional experience. The lyrics tackle subjects like exclusion, hope and justice. These themes permeate the intense pop music that has been taken on tours around Sweden and Europe and has repeatedly caused the audience to both dance and cry.

Presented by Westside Music Sweden in collaboration with Music Cities Network

🔥 Niilas

Have you ever immersed yourself in joik, Moog Matriarch and the Iranian santoor, all at the same time? Dive into Niilas’ river of sounds – and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes! Niilas blends genres, instruments and electronics into a unique expression of club music. He received a Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemann) for ‘Electronic Music Record of the Year’ in 2020.

Presented by Vill Vill Vest and Brak in collaboration with Music Cities Network

🔥 Pater

Songs about rigid ideals, gender and relationships form the basis of Pater’s music. The sound emerges from Pater’s brutal lyrics meeting the band’s enthusiasm and presence. Two pairs of siblings and four roommates make up the seven members. Their relationship shines through in an intense live performance that combines horns, percussion, samples and synths to do something truly out of the ordinary.

Presented by SPOT Festival and Promus in collaboration with Music Cities Network

🔥 Steeby

The mission of the Groningen based artist Steeby is to stretch the boundaries within the hip-hop genre by making more room for vulnerability, openness and humanity. Steeby effortlessly alternates strength with vulnerability and together with his band ‘the Better Days’ he transforms the sample-based history of hip-hop into a varied live show that seeks crossovers to jazz, funk and soul.

Presented by Hit the North by ESNS and Gemeente Groningen in collaboration with Music Cities Network

If you’re looking for some catchy, vibrant rock and roll to make you feel alive, you don’t want to miss Superserious. The Icelandic band loves making energetic music that gets people moving and hearts racing. Superserious is described as a blend of The Strokes, Hives, and The Cardigans. Their first EP ‘Let’s Get Serious’ (2021) included songs that topped the charts of national radio stations.

Presented by Iceland Airwaves and Reykjavik Music City in collaboration with Music Cities Network


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