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Music Cities Network at @ SPOT Festival 2023

We are excited to share with you the upcoming Music Cities Network and MCN Member Events at SPOT 2023 Festival in Aarhus.

What is happening when, you ask? We got you covered!

MAY 3 - 4

EMBTF Project Kick-Off

On Wednesday and Thursday, the internal EMBTF Project Kick-Off will take place. The 12 chosen participants will meet for the first time in real. If you haven’t checked them out so far, please take a look at their impressive resumes on our website. We couldn’t be more excited. Learn more about EMBTF here


Panels with MCN speaker - Lena Ingwersen

However, on Friday, the 5th of May, there are two panels that you don't want to miss:

The first one is a panel titled "Can The Music Industry Solve Global Challenges?", which will take place from 10:00-10:45 at Radisson BLU Room 4. Find more information here.

The second panel, titled "How Social Sustainability is Contributing Positively to Both Equality and the Financial Bottom Line“, will take place from 12:15-13:00 at Radisson BLU Room 12. MCN will be represented by our Managing Director Lena Ingwersen. Find more information here.


"Meet the Germans" matchmaking program & Panel

On Friday, May 5th, there will be a "Meet the Germans" matchmaking program at Radisson BLU Room 11 from 10:00-11:00. There will also be a panel titled "Making it in Germany as an Independent Artist" from 13:00-13:45 at Radisson BLU, Both are hosted by our MCN member Hamburg Music. Find more information here.


EMBTF/MCN & Hamburg Music Receptions

Additionally, there will be an EMBTF/MCN Reception from 17:00-18:00 at Promus (A-Lab) Vester Alle 15, followed by a Hamburg Music Reception at Spiselauget (Skovgaardsgade 3) from 17:00-19:00 (please note that registration is required for the Hamburg Music Reception) and that we will all go there together once the MCN reception is over at 18.00. We know those days are always busy, but we will make sure to take you all along.


EMBTF Workshop & MCN Showcase

For the final day, on Saturday, May 6th, there will be an EMBTF Workshop at SPOT+ (by invitation only) from 13:00-14:00 at Radisson BLU Room 4.

Later in the day, there will be an MCN Showcase at the Åbne Scene, Godsbanen, from 16:00-00:00 (you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!).

And get into the groove with the MCN Showcase Playlist here.

We hope you will join us for these exciting events at the SPOT Festival. Stay tuned for more updates and information & give us a call, if you are there!

See you soon!

the MCN headquarter


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