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The European Music Business Task Force announces the 12 selected Participants

Promus and the Music Cities Network, are pleased to announce the final selection of the 12 participants who will be part of the 2nd volume of the European Music Business Task Force (EMBTF) programme! 

The EMBTF is an ambitious leadership masterclass that aims to develop innovative solutions to some of the most immediate challenges and opportunities faced by the European Music Industry today.

Following an open call that received applications from more than 19 countries, the EMBTF Jury reviewed each application carefully and chose 12 talented and driven individuals who represent a wide age range, as well as a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. The selected participants bring with them a diverse set of skills and experiences.

EMBTF welcomes the following 12 individuals into the Task Force from 9 different countries: 

  1. Alex Ter Horst, Neva Land Music, Utrecht, The Netherlands

  2. Dorotėja Būdaitė, Lithuanian Jazz Union Board, Vilnius, Lithuania 

  3. Grace Goodwin, self-employed PhD Researcher / Artist Mentor, Liverpool, United Kingdom

  4. Erica Romero Pender, Rocknrolla Producciones y Eventos Culturales, Seville, Spain

  5. Julian Krohn, Scholz & Friends Sounds, Berlin, Germany

  6. Katarina Julie Madsen, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

  7. Katharin Ahrend, Clubcommission Berlin and Awareness Akademie, Berlin, Germany 

  8. Marta Sampaio, Pigeon Team / Monster Jinx / EU Project Administrator and Managing Assistant, Porto, Portugal

  9. Misia Furtak, Music Declares Emergency, Poznań, Poland

  10. Sam Malik, Music Manager, Manchester, UK 

  11. Timurs Tomsons, Liepāja Concert Hall "Great Amber", Liepāja, Latvia 

  12. Yasmina Elkak, DICE / Night Club Owner, Valencia, Spain

Over the next year, the participants will work together to identify key challenges and opportunities in the European music industry and develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Throughout the program, the Task Force will be provided with necessary tools, resources, and support to turn their ideas into reality.

„We are confident that the diverse backgrounds and expertise of the participants will lead to an inspiring range of creative solutions to the challenges facing the industry today,“ says Sandra Perens, Tallinn, EE, Event Manager at Music Cities Events, A&R Manager/partner at Tier Music Publishing, Partnership Manager at Arvo Pärt Centre  , part of this year’s jury and EMBTF Vol. participant. "We look forward to seeing the impact they will make in the following months.“

MCN’s Managing Director Lena Ingwersen adds: "We are truly humbled and overwhelmed by the incredible response we received for our program. The high number and quality of applications, and the extensive outreach across Europe, has exceeded our expectations and confirms our belief in the necessity of this program. We can't wait to see the positive impact that these talented individuals will have on the European music industry."

Please learn more about the 12 participants' impressive bios here. And for more information about the EMBTF program and the Music Cities Network, please visit our official EMBTF Website


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