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EMBTF Unveils manifesto to Transform European Music Industry

Drum roll please ūü•Ā Finally representing the EMBTF Vol. 2 Manifesto!

Access the Manifesto here.

Access the Official Press Release here.


Transformation Towards Sustainability of the Performing Art Venues By Timurs Tomsons

Music organisations and their venues became an important part of cities‚Äô art life. Their architecture has become a major internationally recognisable landmark. Despite stunning architecture, cultural venues have to face actual challenges. As public venues operating in the interest of society, we have to create a more efficient system that boosts creativity, creates stronger links to the local communities, and reduces ecological footprint. LiepńĀja Concert Hall "Great Amber" in cooperation with IKEAfor 9 month will transform its' public space of the concert venue into a great meeting spot for the local community and will offer a space for self-expression. The project will be executed together with the LiepńĀja 2027 European Capital of Culture.

GENIE by Grace Goodwin 

GENIE (Gender Equality Networks in Europe) is an online database of projects supporting gender equality in music. The database features projects as broad as producer courses, radio shows, festivals and much more. We want GENIE to be a springboard for collaboration across borders, or finding like-minded people in your own country, all whilst working towards the common goal of gender equality in music. More information:

Female and gender minority track producers - Skill Development, communities and Representation by Katarina Madsen

Bridging the gender gap in the music producer field by creating communities and providing resources to aspiring female and non-binary track producers. Starting across Scandinavia with hopefully a joint event or songwriting camp between Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and with the goal of branching out to the rest of Europe, creating an international network of producer's courses and communities.

The European Synch Camps by Julian Krohn, Alex Ter Horst, Misia Furtak, Erica Romero

The European Music & Business Camp is a creative knowledge exchange to support and empower the European music scene. Its aim is to bring together the music side (creators, music business experts) and the commercial brands side (brand experts, advertising creatives & strategists) in order to learn from each other, work on actual projects ‚Äď and make it possible to produce and license songs for actual brand campaigns. The focus in the camp is on the 360¬į of the creative process:

- Bringing the advertising world into the music biz!

- Briefing & conception phase

- Creative Production & Development Phase

- Distribution & Product Management Phase

‚ĀÉ Teaching & learning Synch/Brand Partnership

‚ĀÉ Pushing diversity also on the music creation & production side

Trailblazers - a micro degree for modern-day music professional and musician by Misia Furtak and Erica Romero

Trailblazers is a micro degree providing not only straightforward knowledge transfer but also teaching resilience, agility, and future-proofing the music professionals. To see basic knowledge and agility (start-up mindset) to be combined with more conversation on how important fairness is, how we need to strive to speak of the value of music and creating culture, and how we even need to choose the right language to speak about it. It further implies more talk on how important transparency, diversity, community, and connection are. This project aims to not only transfer knowledge, but also to focus on agility of our participants and on teaching them about the values that we need to work on within the industry, the language that we need to pay attention to and further specifics of the industry.

EMBTF Mentoring for Women by Misia Furtak, Erica Romero, Grace Goodwin and Katarina Madsen

This pilot program is designed for four selected individuals: a musician, a female producer, a freelance music professional, and a female professional affiliated with an organization. Mentorship will be provided by either members of the EMBTF or individuals chosen by them. The program will consist of four mentors and four mentees, engaging in a series of six online meetings. This structured yet straightforward approach aims to facilitate meaningful exchanges and growth within the music industry.


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